Forming Circles through Summer Stitches

The stitch is lost unless the thread be knotted. -Italian Proverb

The table in the middle of the room was covered with all kinds of yarn, crochet hooks and completed projects accompanied by their patterns. As the crochet experts moved around the room assisting in forming a knot and then the over and under motion of the crochet hook to the yarn took over as they created a chain with each stitch as the artisans began to grasp the patterns for themselves. The other volunteers in the room just watched in admiration. Conversations were buzzing and eyes and hands were focused on perfecting the technique as quickly as possible. I was amazed watching how the women manipulated the yarn into the desired patterns and am eager to see the finished products that will be available for sale at our upcoming fall events. If you’d like to see a video on the basic steps to crocheting, click here.

This past Saturday was a busy day for The Community Cloth. We started off in our wonderful workshop in the Day Art Studio at Baker Ripley Center where seven of our knitting artisans spent time learning different crochet techniques from generous volunteers, Karen, Janet and Sapana.  Some of the artisans had just come from a citizenship class which was exciting news and some had to leave a few minutes early to get to their jobs. Later in the afternoon, several of the volunteers prepared to beat the summer heat and enjoy the art, culture and community hosting The Community Cloth booth for the fifth annual White Linen Night in the Heights (WLNH). This was the second year we have participated in the summer fun of WLNH and it was a fabulous opportunity to share the story of our artisans.  Keep in mind every Community Cloth purchase supports local microenterprise and 100% of profits go directly to the artisans. For WLNH, there was a huge turnout of Houstonians decked in their finest whites strolling the crowded streets. For the first time this year people were also donning hues of pink on “Pink Street” ( on White Oak between Oxford and Columbia) to support breast cancer awareness and the Breast Health Collaborative of Texas. Of course, The Community Cloth had an assortment of accessories that would complement white, pink or any color for that matter! Our booth was set up outside of a hip, new restaurant on White Oak called Happy Fatz. You should check it out!

At the end of this month we will take the knitting and weaving groups on a product development outing to the Galleria to peruse all the shops and discover what colors and styles are popular and fashionable this year. They are already so creative in their designs but this is a perfect opportunity to give them fresh ideas so they may create similar handmade items for the fall and winter. So get ready to shop with us on September 17th for National Women’s Friendship Month at Ten Thousand Villages from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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