How do we help them?

The Community Cloth provides:

• Seed Grants

• Training

• Peer Support

• Market Opportunities


Each participating artisan has access to seed grants, which she can use to purchase materials and supplies to begin producing her items.  Volunteers help the artisans use the seed grants by taking them on trips to the local hobby stores to purchase materials, discussing different product ideas and supply needs, and more.  Artisans contribute back into the program through a process of “microbartering” whereby she gives the program completed products worth the amount of seed grants she takes out.  These products are then used by the program for marketing and outreach purposes, which helps us expand our support base.


The Cloth hosts artisan training sessions to expose the artisans to the American enterprise system, teaching them basic small business skills as well as hosting product development trainings for those interested in expanding her product line.

Cloth volunteers took a few of the artisans on a special field trip to Anthropologie for a product development session!  The artisans were excited to see and learn about the new colors and styles for the spring and summer sales season.

Artisans at Anthropologie

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Community Cloth staff & volunteers also host trainings to teach the artisans new crafting techniques, seasonal trends & basics like money-management.

Training on Money, Taxes & Banks

Training on Money, Taxes & Banks


The experience of being a refugee can be an isolating one: one is first driven from a beloved homeland, only to be lodged in a refugee camp. Then, perhaps after many years or even decades, one makes it out from the camp,  journeys to resettle into the U. S., and faces the daunting task of rebuild a life from scratch.  Along the way, the refugees lose much of their social network or “community.”  The Cloth encourages rebuilding of those communities by inviting each artisan to join a peer support group — informal gatherings of artisans (who usually reside within the same or nearby apartment complexes) who get together to knit, weave, talk, and support each other in a variety of ways.  They often build strong relationships and consider each other as friends or sisters.

Fatuma Guffaw

Fatuma (The Congo) & Ilham (Iraq), from very different countries & cultures, enjoy a merry afternoon together.









The Community Cloth helps our artisans expand market opportunities through scheduling private in-home sales events, developing vendor opportunities with our local retail partners, and organizing and promoting public sales events. Select Community Cloth products are featured at

The Houston Museum of Natural Science Museum Shop

Kuhl Linscomb

The Methodist Hospital gift shop in the Medical Center.

The artisans have enjoyed our partnership with local vendors, farmers markets & arts groups, like these events at 10,000 Villages & The Winter Street/FreshArts Holiday Art Market.

We love Winter Street Studio/FreshArts Holiday Art Market!

We love Winter Street Studio/FreshArts Holiday Art Market!

Fabulous Volunteer Cyndi at our WHAM Table    photo 1

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