Roxanne, Executive Director

Roxanne Paiva is one of the people who still believes that if we unite together, we can change OUR world.  She is the Founder & Executive Director of OUR Global Village, as well as Co-Founder of The Community Cloth program, for which she is currently responsible for managing the day to day key functions.

She has a Certificate of Nonprofit Leadership from Rice University’s Leadership Institute for Nonprofit Executives, and since 2004 has served as an ESL volunteer locally and abroad.  Prior to entering the nonprofit sector, Roxanne helped manage and grow a family business, gaining over 10 years of experience working in the residential and commercial architecture control industry.
Roxanne has a B.S. in Education with a specialization in Biology and Geology from University of Texas at Austin (2002).  Never afraid for a new adventure, and never afraid to take her husband with her, she has served agents of change in North, Central and South America and Southeast Asia.

Nicci, Program Coordinator 

Nicci studio

Nicci worked with faith-based groups in the third world for a few years after earning a B.A. at Rice University. She learned how difficult it is to live as an   outsider in a new culture and, when she returned to the USA, she immediately jumped into helping those who are newcomers to America.  She earned     her masters degree in Cross-Cultural Outreach at Dallas Theological Seminary. Nicci has been working with refugees since 2007, including living   among a refugee resettlement community for one year in Dallas and two and a half years in Houston. She will attend medical school starting in summer   2014 with hopes to one day change the lives of the marginalized by building or serving in clinics in the third world or in under-served areas of the U.S.   In the meantime, she will travel as much as possible & drinks lots of chai tea with refugee artisans.




About Kate

Woefully untalented in all things artistic, Community Cloth Co-Founder Kate Morgan marvels daily at the skills of the Cloth artisans. She initially acted as a volunteer Co-Facilitator to the Bhutanese participants, working closely with the women to help develop their aesthetic and to offer any kind of support needed (including many trips to the nearby hobby shop).  As the Cloth continues to grow, Kate is delighted to hand over her Co-Facilitator duties to some extremely talented and enthusiastic volunteers, and focus on volunteer training and social media.

Apart from the Community Cloth, Kate is active in the refugee community.  She served as Program Director for Sewa International Houston, and had the privilege of co-chairing World Refuge Day in 2010.  Kate studied at the University of Texas at Austin, where she received degrees in Biology, English and German.  She currently works as an ESL instructor at Bilingual Educational Institute, teaching refugee and non-refugee classes.

About Quynh-Anh

Quynh-Anh is a social worker, philanthropist and agent of change.  As a nonprofit-enthusiast, she’s committed to, and involved in, a range of social change issues, including refugees, domestic violence, Asian American concerns, and Muscular Dystrophy.  Quynh-Anh serves on the board of OUR Global Village, the parent nonprofit of The Community Cloth, and is a founding member of the Asian American Giving Circle.

As a proud “not-born-here-but-definitely-bred-here Houstonian”, Quynh-Anh hails from Vietnam, the beloved country from which her family fled as refugees after its fall to communism.  She received her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Houston, and is married to a wonderfully-supportive and patient husband/artist/professor.

We also thank our Founding Advisory Committee for helping to jumpstart this initiative:

Alliance for Multicultural Community Services

Bhutanese Community of Houston

Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston

Karenni Community Association

SEWA International

The ONE Foundation

And, of course, the talented refugee women artisans!


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