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The Community Cloth

A microenterprise initiative empowering refugee women in Houston, Texas since 2009.


The Community Cloth

The Community Cloth is a microenterprise initiative of the Alliance that empowers refugee women in Houston, Texas. It targets economic, educational and social goals through the provision of training and peer support, and by expanding market opportunities for refugee women artisans. It supports the artisans in creating and selling handmade, indigenous arts and crafts such as woven scarves, knitwear, household items, children's hats, bags and more. Through producing and selling their wares, the women have an opportunity to express their culture and heritage, learn new skills and obtain much-needed supplemental income. All of the proceeds go directly to the artisans and the program.


Alliance for Multicultural Community Services


Alliance’s mission is to create opportunities for refugees, immigrants, and underserved residents to achieve their goals for self-sufficiency and improve their quality of life.

Alliance is the premiere nonprofit organization for those who face financial, educational, health, language or cultural barriers to realizing their dreams. To help clients overcome those barriers, Alliance provides such holistic services as refugee resettlement, youth empowerment, intensive case management, adult education and training, workforce development, and financial coaching and literacy. Alliance’s innovative social enterprises include Alliance Language Network (providing translation & interpretation services throughout Houston), and Driver's Education and Mobility Center. All of our programs help increase client self-sufficiency and employment opportunities so clients can thrive in our community.