Throw Pillows Galore


If you love to decorate you'll find yourself changing your scenery a lot, moving the furniture on a Sunday afternoon, shopping for the perfect accent piece or looking at a blank couch not knowing where to start. If you have hit a roadblock in your redecoration I have just what you need.

I've compiled a small list of guidelines that will help add the perfect touch to your living room and bedrooms.


Its all about the pillows! They can tear apart or bring together a room. Just picture the images below without our handcrafted throw pillows and you will see the importance of choosing the right ones for the right place.  

The brown floor pouf and embroidered blue pillow accent the rug and chair.

The brown floor pouf and embroidered blue pillow accent the rug and chair.


  1. Color - When it comes to decorating, less is more with color. Whether you are going for a festive vibe or simple and minimalist, sticking to a cohesive color palette is essential. Too many clashing colors is difficult on the eyes and will give a busy effect to your room.

  2. Arrangement - Arrangement is mainly based on utility, a simple statement pillow would work lovely on a plush chair or a cute love seat. When the furniture is the statement of the room, for example like a couch in a living room having a variety of pillows to fill the space. This gives a full and dynamic appearance to the room will catch the eye. The same goes for setting the master bed of your home.

  3. Variety - You should pick multiple colors, prints and sizes, preferably have the pillows decrease in size the closer they are placed to the middle of the sofa or bed. Not only is this more visually appealing, it is easier and comfortable. You won't have to move a large pillow every time you lay or sit on your furniture, and is a great support for laying back and relaxing.

knit and embroidered pillows on couch for web.jpg


4. Patterns - They compliment a room wonderfully but can also tear it apart. Find one that compliments the other components in a room, a perfect example is the handmade yarn pillows. Not only do they come in a multitude of colors but the patterns will stick out and bring the look of the room together.


No matter the rules, make the room your own! These guidelines are just helpful references for anyone wanting to decorate their home. But at the end of the day, this is your space have fun with it. Our artisan-made pillows are a lovely piece that will bring comfort and style to your living room.

Don't forget that by purchasing with us you are helping to support a local refugee woman in the Houston area. Who doesn't like styles that give back ! :)