Collaboration with Poet Ayokunle

Thank you so much to all who came out to Ayokunle's "thread, this wordweaver must!" booking signing event! We are so grateful for the sunny weather and for the Neighborhood Centers hosting us at the Baker Ripley Campus.

Along with Ayo's sharing and his friends' incredible artistic performances, we had a live back-strap loom weaving demonstration and opened up shop as Roxanne shared more about the work of The Community Cloth. 

Shown below is Mu Mu, an artisan from the Karen tribe of Burma, performing a back-strap loom weaving demonstration in our studio space. Each and every movement she made was precise and swift, unmatched and properly done by someone who is well-versed in this weaving practice. She was clothed in humility as she patiently and skillfully weaved in front of our eyes.

The demonstration was a beautiful invitation extended to us, offering us an opportunity to dive deeper into the Karen Burmese culture. We want to thank Ayo for sharing his heart with us through a wonderful tapestry of his words and for everyone who made this event successful! You can purchase a copy of Ayokunle's book here

Email us at if you are interested to get involved and want to connect!

Photographs by Maggie Wong

Photographs by Courtenay Siegfried

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