Cable Knit Scarf

Cable Knit Scarf


This classic cable knit scarf is perfect for bundling up in the cold weather while making a fashion statement. Not only is it warm and cozy but it looks great with everything!

This scarf was made in collaboration with KIT, a clothing company that employs refugee seamstresses to create custom dresses based on the customers measurements. We thought it was fitting that we partner together to design this classic scarf created by our refugee artisans.


  • Hand-knitted by Refugee Artisans from Bhutan

  • Cable Knit Design

  • 60% Acrylic, 40% Wool

  • One size fits all

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Through Producing And Selling Their Wares, Our Women Artisans Have An Opportunity To Express Their Culture And Heritage, Learn New Skills That Will Assist Them In Transitioning To Life In The US, And Obtain Much-Needed Supplemental Income. All Profits From Sales Go Directly To The Artisans; Purchases Of Cloth Products Help Refugee Women Provide For The Basic Needs Of Their Families As They Work To Establish New Lives In Houston.