Host a Trunk Show With An Impact

Trunk shows are a great source of income for the artisans! These sales events are held in-home or at a public space of your choosing. Hosting a trunk show is a great reason to gather friends together & shop with a purpose. We love it when friends of The Community Cloth open their hearts and homes to their friends and families for in-home sales events!  We make it as easy as possible for the host, please contact us for more details.

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How it works

Choose a time & place for your event and decide who to invite. Many host in their homes; others pick a wine bar, happy hour, coffee shop, or other venue. 

Let us know a few potential dates & times, and we will be happy to find a place for your event on our calendar. We will send helpful information & resources to help you promote your event.

We will arrange to get the products to you for your event, and we will be there to take care of the sales process. We will be sure to leave your space exactly as we found it!

Now That You're Ready, Here's Some Materials And Info:

Trunk Show FAQ's

What is a The Community Cloth Trunk Show like?

A Trunk Show is a party where you and your friends can shop for gifts handmade by refugee artisans living in Houston. You will learn about the women that made the products and more about the program. By shopping, you and your friends will create an opportunity to empower refugee women that have resettled to Houston. The Community Cloth has something for everyone – all styles and budgets – and there is no pressure for guests to purchase anything. 

Who can host a Trunk Show?

Anyone can host! You just have to be willing to gather your friends and invite them to make a difference. While many of our Trunk Shows are hosted by women, we also have had Trunk Shows hosted by men.

When can I host a Trunk Show?

You can host a Trunk Show on a weekday or a weekend, during the day or in the evening. Trunk Shows are a great reason to gather friends for a wine night or just to get together. Simply submit the form and we will find a day that that works best for you and our availability. Check your calendar ahead of time for other events, choose a date and invite your friends with confidence – you are giving them an opportunity to make a difference!

Where can I host a Trunk Show?

You can host a Trunk Show anywhere, not just in your home. We have had Trunk Shows at happy hours, wine bars, coffee shops, offices, and more.

How far in advance should I plan my Trunk Show?

It is never too early to get something on the calendar. The Community Cloth staff will help you set a date. We think at least two or three weeks is enough time to gather friends. We make it easy for you to send out invitations and to remind your guests – ask our staff for more details.

How much space do I need to host a Trunk Show?

You don't need a lot of space for a Trunk Show. There just needs to be room where The Community Cloth staff can set up product – like a kitchen counter, coffee table, or dining table – and your friends will need a little room to gather.

How do I prepare for my Trunk Show?

Before your guests arrive, clear a space where The Community Cloth staff can set up the display. The Community Cloth will bring everything else. When it comes to food and drinks, our best advice is to keep it simple, but it's completely up to you!  Make a pot of coffee or open a bottle of wine, set out some fruit, cheese or dessert, and make your friends feel welcome.

What if some of my friends can't make it?

It’s hard to find a date that works for everyone so don’t worry. For the friends that can’t make it, you can tell them to shop on our online store. You're also welcome to keep the product for a few days, track the purchases, and The Community Cloth staff will pick up the product and information at a later date.

Can I host a Trunk Show with a friend?

Of course, feel free to invite a friend, neighbor, or anyone else to co-host with you!